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Promoter Services

Hi! I'm @andreaszecher, the developer behind
I offer various freelance services. Email me for a quote.

Web Design & Development

I have 15+ years of experience in web design and development. Whether you need a static website or a custom and easy-to-use CMS, I can help you build it. I make sure the site fits the design of your game or the identity of your studio. I also know how to build a site that loads blazingly fast and works great on phones. I've even developed custom backends for games.

Selected projects:,,,,,,

Store Asset Management

Remember how much fun it was to export your store assets into a million different sizes? Yeah, right. I'm happy to do the most-tedious-task-in-the-industry for you. I have a degree in Communications Design, so I'll make sure your promotional artwork looks great on every single store.

PR Research

Journalists change jobs frequently, so any press list is outdated quickly. I can help you research current relevant contacts based on your needs: For example, who are the press contacts responsible for reviews in PC-gaming outlets in Germany right now?

For our game Future Unfolding I was able to secure preview coverage in publications like The Verge, Waypoint, Kill Screen, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Wired and Edge through extensive PR research and outreach.

Festival Submissions

You might already use the festival calendar today. I can help you to handle the often time-consuming submission process for your game and assist to write additional marketing copy and record gameplay videos.

Expo support

I've showcased indie games at several dozens of game expos and festivals. I can support your team and help you demo your game at your booth at events around Europe. I speak German (natively), English and Swedish.

German Localization

I can localize and translate your website, game content or press material from English to German.

Selected projects: Moodelizer, Retro City Rampage, Future Unfolding